No Samaritans Allowed: U.S. Prohibits Helping Migrants

During my time in the desert, while walking the migrant trails with food and water strapped to my back looking for those crossing the border to provide physical, spiritualand medical assistance, I came across Jesus several times.

On this highway through Hell, thousands of brown bodies die torturous deaths in fulfillment of a U.S. policy called Operation Gatekeeper designed to deter future immigration through the death of those who out of desperation attempt the cross. But among these migrants, who like lambs are sent to their slaughter, is Jesus.

Jesus was once an immigrant escaping Herods reach, and Jesus today is an undocumented immigrant escaping the poverty caused by NAFTA. If you want to see Jesus, then join me in the desert for there he is again being crucified for the sins of U.S. foreign economic and trade policies toward Latin America during the past century.

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