RIFA Update on Arizona Law

A Call to Action-

Yesterday Governor Brewer of Arizona signed a bill requiring police to harass or arrest anyone who “appears to be an undocumented immigrant.” This bill will create an America where people are racially profiled, our fragile economy is further damaged, and our neighborhoods are less safe because good people fear the police. This law could spread across the country, if you and I don’t take action to stop it.

Do we want to live in an America where this is acceptable? Or will we live in a country where 12 million people have a path to citizenship, children aren’t torn away from their parents, and police can protect our cities and neighborhoods because they have the trust of those living there.

Sign this petition to the President and Congress saying that you stand for the America that values people and their families, the economy, and our public safety.

Governor Brewer provided a clear illustration for why we need comprehensive immigration reform. Thousands of people have been gathering at the Arizona statehouse for the 24-hour vigil that’s been ongoing since the state legislature passed the bill last Monday. In addition, more than 7.000 Reform Immigration FOR America supporters in Arizona called and faxed the Governor to tell her that if she signs this bill, she’ll do so without the support of her state.

Will you help us fight this bill in Arizona and continue to build the movement for better immigration policy?

Click here to sign this petition

We’ll take these petitions and deliver them to the President and leadership in Congress. President Obama is paying attention – in response to our efforts already, he said, “Our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others.”

He couldn’t be more right – we must stop this in Arizona before it makes its way across the country. Please join me in opposing this bill today.

Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

p.s. On May 1, we’re marching in cities across the country to show that we won’t wait any longer – find a march near you!