Prayer for Immigrants 4/25

Join United Methodists praying for the Supreme Court, April 25

On Wednesday, April 25, while many of us will be busy at General Conference, the Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the constitutionality of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070. The Supreme Court ruling will either rightly to stop states from enacting these unjust laws, or will pave the way for continued racial profiling and marginalization of immigrant communities.

It might feel to most of us that the arguments before the court and the subsequent ruling are beyond our ability to influence, but there is something vitally important that we can do: We can pray!

I believe in prayer. I have seen prayer bring physical healing, transform lives and bring salvation to those who are lost. I believe in social justice and I believe in prayer: One is impossible without the other. And now is the time for us to pray.

I urge you to open your church the morning of April 25, the day when the Supreme Court will hear arguments. Allow folks to come in to spend time in prayer.

Here is what you can pray for:

  • Pray for protection of the lives of immigrants continually enduring unfair suspicion, racial profiling, and economic and social marginalization because of anti-immigrant laws enacted in several other states since Arizona enacted SB 1070.
  • Pray for wisdom for Supreme Court justices: wisdom to not only interpret the U.S. Constitution, but wisdom to hear the stories of immigrants whose lives have been devastated by these anti-immigrant state laws that all started with Arizona’s SB 1070.
  • Pray for the lawyers who will be arguing before the Supreme Court. Pray for their words to be articulate, persuasive and powerful. Pray that they carry with them not only the legal expertise needed to debate the law, but the passion of the lives of millions for whom they are defending.

It will be several months before we know the outcome, but I am strengthened by the words of United Methodist Bishop Minerva Carcaño of the Desert Southwest Conference.

In  reflecting on the upcoming Supreme Court arguments, the bishop said, “We have seen firsthand the devastating effect of anti-immigrant legislation on all Arizonans, immigrant and non-immigrant alike. I have confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will repeal SB 1070.

“However, even if the Supreme Court is unable to make this right and bold decision, United Methodists in Arizona and across the U.S. will stand firmly and compassionately with our immigrant brothers and sisters.”

Yes we will, Bishop. And we can start on April 25 by praying together.

In Christ,

Bill Mefford
Director, Civil & Human Rights