Losing the Empathy Gap

We want to link you to a good article by Daniel Alliott – salon.com on the immigration argument:

The way we treat immigrants is wrongheaded and counterproductive. Yes, they really are acting out of love

“What would you do in their shoes?” That’s the question I ask my fellow conservative friends whenever we debate immigration, and in particular the question of what should happen to immigrants who illegally cross the U.S. border. “What would you do if your family were hungry, your wages minuscule, and your government so corrupt or incompetent that there was little hope of conditions improving any time soon?”

The question became newly relevant recently when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made headlines by suggesting that love prompts many foreign nationals to illegally enter the U.S. They come, he said:

“… because their families – the dad who loved their children – was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table. And they wanted to make sure their family was intact, and they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love.”

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