Donations to ATJ Fund can benefit JFON

JFON-West Michigan has been approved to received donations through the

Access to Justice (ATJ) Fund which is a partnership of Michigan’s legal
aid programs, the State Bar of Michigan and the Michigan State Bar
Foundation.  Additional information about the ATJ Fund can be found at where you can also download a donation form or make a
gift by credit card (just choose JFON-West Michigan from the drop-down
menu).  All ATJ Fund gifts support nonprofit civil legal aid for the
poor, so 100% of your operations gift will be passed through to
JFON-West Michigan to use in our legal assistance work.

If you are a current ATJ Fund donor, please keep giving to the legal
aid program of your choice or to the statewide ATJ Fund endowment.  If
you want to give more or are a new donor, we hope you will help us make
a difference for our clients with a gift for JFON through the ATJ Fund –
the need is very great this year.  If you have

any questions, please contact Laura Rampersad at 481-8145 or