GR supports Family Day of Unity

Justice for Our Neighbors partnered with the Alliance for Immigrants Rights Michigan coalition to support National  Family Day of Unity with events also in Detroit and on Capitol steps in Lansing. The Grand Rapids event drew over 60 people for a 4pm press conference.

family-day-of-unityWe came together today across Michigan and all across the country with a simple message:
Families are still suffering, they’re still being broken apart, and the Administration needs to do MORE to help our communities.
JFON specializes in family-based and humanitarian Immigration Law and strives to foster greater cross-cultural community building and deeper moral reflection about the justness of U.S. immigration policies through education and advocacy. We support immigration reform because we are deeply concerned for the families who live with the fear of being separated from loved ones if they, or a loved one, is picked up by ICE.
In the spirit of those values, we acted in solidarity with these individuals and families whose heart-wrenching stories were told at event.
Nearly a year ago, the Administration promised that no more families like these would face deportation. They issued new rules– families without criminal records, families with deep community ties, they would be kept together.
When this was announced, we were hopeful that the Department of Homeland Security would proceed with compassion for families – because it makes no sense to break up immigrant families….especially when US Citizen wives, husbands, and children often pay the biggest cost.
We prefer ICE and Homeland Security use their resources to target actual criminals. Instead, as you’ll hear today, they’re continuing to target workers, families, and students at the same rate as before.
The Administration needs to do more to keep their promise. These families can’t wait for Congress. They need the Administration to take bold action now!

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