End deportations, pass immigration reform

1100 Calls to End Deportations

Every day 1100 people are deported. The Obama Administration will reach 2 million deportations very soon. That’s 2 million people since 2009!

People of faith are urged to call 1-888-907-2053 to tell President Obama to stop deportations.

Can we get 1100 people to call President Obama?

Take action today to keep families together and create and lasting change for our immigrant brothers and sisters.  After you make the call, be sure to forward this email or a link to the action page (http://umc-gbcs.org/blog/take-action-1100-calls-to-president-obama-end-deportations).

The United Methodist Church affirms the worth, dignity, and inherent value and rights of all persons regardless of their nationality or legal status.” (Welcoming the Migrant to the US, #3281, 2012 Book of Resolutions)

The Church urges people of faith to “call the United States government to immediately cease all arrests, detainment, and deportations of undocumented immigrants, including children, solely based upon their immigration status until a fair and comprehensive immigration reform is passed.”

Link to GBCS website and sample script