Phone Scam targeting Immigrants

Beware of a scam that is happening in SE Michigan:

A man calls claiming to be an immigration officer and provides a badge number. He tells the person that they must post a bond to avoid being deported. He instructs the person to get a gift card from a bank and to give him the card number over the phone. If the person asks what the charges against him are, the “officer” says he can not release the information until the bond is paid. As soon as he has the gift card number, he hangs up. My client was asked for $10,000.

Fortunately, the person who reported this scam kept pushing for information and drove to the Farmington Hills Police Department while on the phone and the police spoke with this “officer”. FHPD told my client that they have received about 6 or 7 other complaints about this scam and are investigating. If there are that many complaints in one city, it may be happening elsewhere.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO REPORT:  If you are targeted or know of a scam –  be sure to report it.  The USCIS recently formally joined forces with Federal Trade Commission to investigate and prosecute people who target immigrants.

Go to

If you want to file anonymously just skip the first page asking for contact info.  If you can provide a safe contact, please do – it does help police follow-up on the matter and help stop the scammer.