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Call to stop deportations

by Bill Mefford on March 14, 2014

Stop Deportations

President Obama will only listen if you and I speak up.

We are approaching 2 million deportations, but are not anywhere closer to reforming the U.S.’s broken immigration system. Deportations have devastated communities and torn apart families. It is time to pray and act so that President Obama ends his policy of mass deportations.

We can end deportations. We really can.

Check out the video “President Obama: Yes You Can.” The video shows why and how we can end this devastating policy.

President Obama came into office wanting to prove to Republicans that through record deportations he could be trusted with enforcement. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said just a few weeks ago, though, that despite deporting 2 million people President Obama still cannot be trusted.

To read more about geniune reform and call to stop barbaric practice: