National Family Day of Unity

National Family Day of Unity

First Place – 207 E Fulton
Grand Rapids – Michigan
May 31st, 2012

Event Details:

AIR/Reform Immigration for America (RIFA) has joined Fair Immigration Reform Movement’s (FIRM) call for a National Day of Action for Family Unity on May 31st.  RIFA is organizing Michigan events.  The goal of the Day of Action is to highlight the ongoing problems with prosecutorial discretion, highlight 3/10 bar reform work, and highlight the stories of families that are struggling with the current system.

It really is time to escalate our demand that the Administration and Congress do more.  So far, the administrative fixes have been slow,
weak, and haven’t come anywhere close to addressing the scale of the crisis immigrant communities continue to face. This has the benefit of taking a set of rather technical issues and talking about them in terms of values and stories.

The proposal is to organize press events and small rallies calling for more administrative action to keep families together. We would highlight stories of immigrants who should have been helped by the reforms, but have not yet seen relief.

In Michigan, this will be a “rolling” event starting in Detroit, then moving to steps of Capitol in Lansing, and finally landing on the steps of First Place (207 E Fulton) at 4pm.  The event will feature statements from RIFA, personal testimonies from two women travelling from site to site, as well as statements from local persons and cleryg.

JFON is lending its support to this event because, the Methodist church has made keeping families together one of its main priorities for Immigration Reform.   We are hooping to mobilize 15-20 to stand with the speakers.  Please come join us!