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Supreme Court Decision and DAPA/DACA+

Supreme Court Issues Disappointing Split Decision in United States v. Texas

Entire JFON Network Support Expanded DACA and DAPA

News Release National Justice for Our Neighbors Date: March 8, 2016 Contact: Rob Rutland-Brown, Executive Director (703) 766-0442 National Justice for Our Neighbors and the Entire Justice for Our Neighbors Network Urge the Supreme Court to Allow the Expanded DACA and DAPA Programs to Move Forward   Today, National Justice for Our Neighbors, on behalf […]

Excerpt from GR Rapid Growth Feature

Liz Balck Monsma, Legal Services Director, Justice for Our Neighbors I’m guessing you and I settled in Grand Rapids for similar reasons: our strong economy rooted in agriculture and entrepreneurship, great schools and freedom to fully express our religion.  My own parents moved to Grand Rapids from the Detroit area in the early 1970s for my […]

Enquirer Report on Central American Migrants and Refugees

US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths Guardian investigation into consequences of Obama’s migration crackdown reveals US deportees have been murdered shortly after return to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with study saying as many as 83 killed since 2014 A man who was severely injured with a knife by unidentified assailants waits […]

Spotlight on Syrian Refugees

Michigan prepares Part of the United Methodist Committee on Relief’s care for immigrants and refugees is facilitated by a network of clinics known as Justice For Our Neighbors.Michigan stands ready to assist through the services of Justice for Our Neighbors. JFON is a legal ministry supported by the United Methodist Church to provide free legal […]

DACA/DAPA remains in holding pattern

From National Immigration Law Center: On May 26, 2015, a divided panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the federal government’s request for an emergency stay of the Texas federal district court’s decision (or preliminary injunction) that blocked DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) and “expanded” DACA (Deferred […]

5 facts about immigration in Michigan | 2014-12-01 | Grand Rapids Business Journal

5 facts about immigration in Michigan | 2014-12-01 | Grand Rapids Business Journal.

House’s Inaction Blamed on Children – Seriously??

Post election comment from Senator Boehner blamed the unaccompanied youth arriving at our border as the reason they have not acted.  This is the farthest stretch our leaders in House have ever made – and cannot go left without response from Immigation Advocates!  The timing alone does not correlate.  They were not proposing any action […]

Administrative Relief Info

Obama Pledges Immigration Executive Order By End Of Year Brief summary:   President Obama promised yesterday that he is going to make an immigration executive order (which we also call “administrative relief”) by the end of this year.  The President stated that he will eliminate these Executive Orders if and when Congress enacts legislation […]

President Obama, you can end the nightmares of 5.5 million children

From the Congress Blog of The Hill November 05, 2014, 03:00 pm By Rev. John L. McCullough Can I be honest? I am sick and tired of the predictable victory and concession speeches that we hear on election nights. Politicians promise to listen to all their constituents – both those who voted for and against […]