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Advocacy Alert to protect VAWA

Really horrible legislation is threatening to pass the House that would really hurt the work of many JFON’s and their work with those who qualify for U visas, which deals often with victims of domestic violence. Attached is a letter we signed on to with other faith groups. A YES VOTE ON H.R. 4970 IS […]

The realities of the new Obama Policy

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has produced a must-read document in response to Obama’ new administration’s policy directive on all individuals currently in deportation proceedings.  The documents are available in english and spanish. AILA advisory memo (english) consumer-warning-for-dhs-annoucement-2011-08-181-eng AILA advisory memo (spanish) consumer-warning-for-dhs-annoucement-2011-08-18-span

Bill to Improve Refugee Services (H.R. 1475)

Every year, the United States welcomes refugees who have fled their homelands due to the fear of persecution, terror, violence and even death. However, once refugees reach our shores, too often the U.S. does not have the sufficient resources and capacity to help them find employment and fully integrate into their new communities. The current […]

State Representative Pushing Arizona-

Inspired Immigration Bill State Representative Kim Meltzer (R-Clinton Twp.) (Lansing, MI)  —  Arizona is at the heart of a national discussion and controversy over immigration reform after that state passed a new law allowing police to ask for proof of citizenship or lawful residency in the U.S.  But even though some civil rights leaders are […]

Arizona Mythbusting

By Linda Chavez | Arizona has just passed the toughest anti-illegal immigrant law in the country — but you have to wonder: Why now? Illegal immigration is down nationally from its high in 2000, with border apprehensions lower than they’ve been in 35 years. There are fewer illegal aliens in the U.S. today than […]

RIFA Update on Arizona Law

A Call to Action- Yesterday Governor Brewer of Arizona signed a bill requiring police to harass or arrest anyone who “appears to be an undocumented immigrant.” This bill will create an America where people are racially profiled, our fragile economy is further damaged, and our neighborhoods are less safe because good people fear the police. […]

Supreme Court Ruling helps Immigrants

March 31, 2010 Washington D.C. – The American Immigration Council applauds today’s Supreme Court decision on the right to counsel for noncitizens charged with committing a crime. The Court held that criminal defense lawyers must advise their noncitizen clients about the risk of deportation if they accept a guilty plea. The Court recognized that current […]

Faith Leaders confront 287g

This is a presentation delivered by Rev. Gary Henderson and actress Rocio Martinez to faith leaders in the community. This presentation depicts everyday events in Nashville and urges clergy to get involved in comprehensive immigration reform and to communicate to their churches, synagogues and mosques the effect that 287g is having on families. The Davidson […]

The 287(g) policy has become

a perverted version of its original intent (Nashville)  by Jan Snider She looked so tiny holding the calloused hand of her young uncle, just 5 years old and excited about starting kindergarten. But as she shuffled down the polished floors of the church hallway toward our immigration legal clinic, there was worry in her big […]

Advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The West Michigan Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform has developed a House Party Kit to help advocate and educate the public on the issues with the current immigration policies.  The kit includes:  a 10 minute video, a discussion guide, resource to support the discussion, materials to make your voice count, and directions on how to […]