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Build Bridges, Not Walls

– Advocacy Alert: Build Bridges, Not Walls: Immigrants and Refugees Welcome As many of you know the future of immigration and refugee resettlement in the United States has been shaken to its core this week. As a result of the new administration’s recent actions a group of community members are organizing to show support for Muslims, refugees, and […]

Excerpt from GR Rapid Growth Feature

Liz Balck Monsma, Legal Services Director, Justice for Our Neighbors I’m guessing you and I settled in Grand Rapids for similar reasons: our strong economy rooted in agriculture and entrepreneurship, great schools and freedom to fully express our religion.  My own parents moved to Grand Rapids from the Detroit area in the early 1970s for my […]

ICE Raids on Central American Refugees

You may have heard about the announcement that ICE will be conducting targeted raids of Central American refugees who have recently entered the US. Immigration Customs Enforcement has begun targeted raids of Central Americans seeking asylum fleeing violence. These raids will be focused on those who have been issued a final deportation order since January 1, […]

Interfaith Prayer Vigil this MONDAY

  You are invited to an interfaith service of prayer and light. Representatives of diverse faith traditions will share words of hope and love. All are welcome. Bring your own source of light (candle, flashlight, cell phone) To connect with Facebook Event and RSVP – Click on flyer image

Press Conference – Day of Action for DAPA and DACA +

December 10, 2015 at 11:00 am Justice for Our Neighbors West Michigan Front Lobby, 207 Fulton St. E, Grand Rapids (“First Place”/LSSM Building) On November 9, the U.S. Fifth Circuit ruled on DAPA and DACA+ in a flawed and biased decision.  This does not end the possibility of DAPA and DACA+.  Instead, we are one […]

Bishop Deb speaks to Syrian Refugees     Dear friends, My heart is breaking over the terrible and tragic attacks that have recently taken place around the world. My prayers are for all those whose lives are impacted by the constant threat of violence and terror. In the wake of attacks this past week, more than half of our country’s […]

Take action to welcome Syrian refugees now!

Message from the General Board of Church and Society Office of Civil and Human Rights: U.S. leaders are vowing to reject Syrian refugees Take action to welcome refugees now! November 18, 2015 Refugees are the single most vetted and scrutinized individuals entering the U. S. Yet we have U.S. elected officials who are fully aware of […]

Stand up for Families

  Tell Congress to Support President Obama’s Deferred Action to Keep Families Together Some members of Congress have threatened to stop administrative action through legislation, legal action or blocking funding for implementation. The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church has supported the call for Immigration Reform and encouraged local communities to participate in […]

Tell President Obama:

It is time for bold action on immigration Before the elections, President Obama and Senate Democrats put political considerations above moral and humanitarian concerns of millions of aspiring Americans by delaying action on immigration reform until after the mid-term elections. The president’s broken promise1 ended up backfiring as it deflated key parts of the Democratic […]

Statewide Day of Prayer

Please consider participating in a state-wide day of prayer for children at the border, on Sunday July 27, 2014, for the many children crossing our southern border who seek refuge from the dangerous situations they have left behind. Attached you will find a suggested prayer in English and in Spanish. You can also download this […]