JFON is a ministry of hospitality in Grand Rapids and Holland that welcomes immigrants into our communities by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services, engaging in advocacy for immigrants’ rights and offering education to communities of faith and the public.

Anyone can be an advocate.  Included on this page are tools to educate yourself and take the first step to making West Michigan a welcoming community!!!

Drop the I Word Campaign

Connect with Reform Immigration for America (RIFA) :

JFON-West Michigan has partnered with RIFA to organize advocacy events and community forums.  We anticipate Congress taking on Comprehensive Immigration Reform this fall.  Stay informed by visiting their website or by getting email alerts when action is needed.   Visit them on and text  to 69866 to get messages sent to your phone.

Invite JFON to speak at your event, conference, meeting or class room:

JFON would love to come to your event and talk about immigration law and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  Contact Laura Rampersad, Regional Coordinator, to schedule your event.

Email or call office 616-301-7461.

Host a House Party:

The West Michigan Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform has developed a House Party Kit to help advocate and educate the public on the issues with the current immigration policies.  The kit includes:  a 10 minute video, a discussion guide, resource to support the discussion, materials to make your voice count, and directions on how to host the party.  We suggest downloading the materials

You can download this kit:  WMC-CIR House Party Kit

and the video are available on GRIID:

Movies and Book Recommendations

Searching for a casual way to introduce the issues surrounding immigration to your friends and family?  Consider hosting a movie night or a book club. There are, of course, classics like Green Card, Coming to America, Maria Full of Grace, El Norte or Real Women Have Curves. However, if you’re interested in something more recent, in the past two years or so there has been a veritable avalanche of films that touch on the issue. Here are some of our favorites.  We’d love to hear what you are reading or watching….

Complete list of books and films click here