About Us

As part of 31 clinic network, JFON-West Michigan began in 2004 with a site hosted at Grand Rapids First United Methodist Church.  In 2005, we opened a second sited hosted by First United Methodist Church of Holland.  We now have satellites in Traverse City to serve northern Michigan and Kalamazoo to serve southwest Michigan.

JFON was created as a response to the increasingly complex immigration regulations stemming from the Immigration Reform and Immigration Act of 1996.  September 11th and the Patriot Act has exacerbated the situation, causing backlogs on new and existing applications and an increase in deportation orders.

How JFON Operates:  JFON Feature Video

JFON promotes Volunteerism by using volunteers to perform new client intakes and provide hospitality at monthly clinics held at each site;totaling over 1,400 hours annually; Program budget includes over 50% of its income from in-kind services; 100% of operating funds are collected and spent locally;

Who JFON Serves: More than 2,500 clients from over 87 nations in 12 years of service;  JFON serves clients through general intake and with 1x service/form preparation.